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Loaded with motorsport derived solutions, the 2021 AMG GT Black Series is arguably the most track focused road vehicle from Mercedes-Benz AMG since the (homologated) street version of the CLK GTR in 1998.

On the power side,RENNtech’s Hand Held ECU Tuner  instantly produces an additional 99 HP and 95 LB-FT, bumping the AMG GT Black Series up to 843 HP and 739 LB-FT.  If that is not enough, the R3 -upgrade delivers an mind-blowing 1066 HP and 831 LB FT running on 93 octane pump gasmaking the AMG GT Black Series RENNtech R3 the most powerful Black Series in the world. 

At the heart of the R3 -upgrade is a set of larger and more capable Turbo’s, a set Stainless Steel Downpipes, Blow Off Valves, and BMC Airfilters for improved exhaust sound and flow. To control the power increase, RENNtech has developed a TCU- tune (Transmission Control Unit) for faster and more firm shifts while increasing the torque capacity of the Mercedes-AMG 7-speed dual clutch transmission. The addition of the Stainless Steel Downpipes and Electronic Valve Module (EVM) improves the sound of the M178 V8, and fills the cabin with a raw and unrestricted sound punctuated with the occasional down-shift crackle. 




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